Brainwave Entrainment FAQ

Question: What volume level should I use when listening to the recordings?

Answer: You should use the loudest COMFORTABLE volume level (It is very important that whatever level you use that it is easily heard and comfortable for you).

Question: Are the recent reports of Brainwave Entrainment's ability to enhance longevity and anti-aging properties true?

Answer: Recent clinical evidence shows that brainwave entrainment increases levels of DHEA and Melatonin in the listener. Both are known to play an important role in the body with respect to aging and environmental stressors.

Brainwave Entrainment has also been shown to lower levels of cortisol. Cortisol can reduce immune function, and has been related to weight gain and can put the body at risk for a number of other issues.

Question: Do I need any special audio equipment to use Brainwave Entrainment?

Answer: Overall, equipment quality will not hinder the effectiveness of the Brainwave Entrainment. All you need is a CD or mp3 player and headphones.

Question: Do I need to use headphones with these recordings?

Answer: No. Brainwave Entrainment will be stronger using headphones, but you can listen without them as well and still gain benefits.

Question: Can Brainwave Entrainment help make me smarter?

Answer: Brainwave Entrainment has been known to enhance mental functioning on a number of levels. Learning ability, creativity, problem solving ability, focus and concentration, memory, and intuition are among the areas that typically show improvement.

Question: What is the "cortical evoked response" (CER)?

Answer: Essentially, it is the brains neuronal firing rate response to (in this case) an auditory stimulus. The strength of the CER is directly related to the strength or volume of the sound wave as well as the frequency being applied.

Question: Is Brainwave Entrainment safe?

Answer: Brainwave Entrainment is safe when used according to guidelines. You are only being guided into naturally occurring brain wave patterns you enter everyday anyway.

Question: Can I listen to the soundtracks while I do other things?

Answer: You should listen to the soundtracks exactly as described in the users manual. Never listen while driving or operating any kind of potentially dangerous equipment.

Question: What happens if I miss a day or two?

Answer: It is best to use the program according to the manual, but sometimes you just won't be able to. If you have to miss a day, that's OK. You may adjust your use of the system to fit your life-style. Again, Every day is best, but if you can only use it five times a week, or every other day, you will still benefit (just not as quickly).

Question: Can I listen to the soundtracks all night?

Answer: No, it may interfere with your regular sleep cycle. If you want to listen to a recording before you sleep then let it play once and then turn off.

You may listen (and loop) the subliminal recordings all night if you wish.

Question: Does it matter if I fall asleep while listening?

Answer: No, It is very common. Falling asleep can be one of the signs that the brain is being "pushed".

Question: If I am distracted by sounds, my body, or my thoughts or feelings, will it alter the effectiveness of the recordings?

Answer: No. It does not matter if you attain any particular state, or if your mind is quiet. The entrainment is always easier if you "go with the flow", so whatever happens, just sit or lie back and enjoy it.

Question: What is the best time of day to listen?

Answer: That is up to you. It is better however, if you set time of day so your listening session(s) become habitual.

Question: I have hearing loss. Will the program work on me?

Answer: As long as you have some hearing, it should work fine for you. Some people have even reported results when "listening" was from inner ear vibration alone.

Question: How long before I experience results?

Answer: Our brainwave entrainment recordings will begin to create change the first time you use them. You may not notice the changes for a few weeks or even a few months. Remember, Its just like exercise, If you exercise every day you would expect to see differences after a time. It is exactly the same with your brain.

Question: What is happening when you use brainwave entrainment?

Answer: We use various "sculpted" tones and embedded frequencies in order to
get the brain to go into altered (but very natural) states of consciousness.

When the brain reacts to these tones and goes into these altered states (altered forms of consciousness), various and beneficial neurotransmitters and endorphins are released.

These are all necessary neuro-chemicals that our brain and body need to function properly, healthfully and naturally.

When the brain is stimulated with pulsed sounds (neuro-electrical activity via the nerves originating from the ears), the overall activity of the brain will respond to and align with these pulses. By selecting the desired rate, the brain via the frequency following response (entrainment) can be naturally induced towards the selected brainwave state.

It is also because of the frequency following response or entrainment that these pulsed sounds often produce benefits similarly found with deep meditation.